Why use a Skin Serum?

Why use a Skin Serum?

Posted by Clientele on Sep 16th 2019

Skin Serum’s are favorites for most women because they produce results. When it comes to active skin beautifying ingredients, Serum’s can offer dramatic skin beautifying benefits. Skin cells crave nutrients, proteins, sugars, peptides and antioxidants. Serums are lightweight gels that can blend these active ingredients without too many unnecessary ingredients. Some serum’s exist on the market with one active ingredient, like vitamin C, for example, or Vitamin A.

Clientele formulated the Lotus Firming Serum with 16 active ingredients blended into a gentle formula that has the ability to nourish, hydrate and firm the skin at the same time. Your skin benefits from vitamins A, C, E, CoQ 10, Glucosamine, Lycopene, Lutein and much more.

Clinical studies proved the Lotus Serum could promote up to 55% increase in elasticity in just 10 minutes! No wonder. This formula provides the highest concentration of Clientele’s patented age defying Lotus extract, from the Seed that resists aging. Its natural protein repair enzyme- MT-allows the Seed to stay fresh and young for over 1288 years. Imagine what it can do for your skin!