Intensive Serum 1 oz


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Intensify your Anti-Aging Regimen!

  • Great for thirsty skin
  • Contains Matrixyl®, a regenerating peptide
  • Contains Hyaluronate, helps plump skin

Intensive Serum contains special ingredients like Matrixyl® - the regenerating peptide that rebuilds and restores suppleness, Vitamin C – essential for youthful elasticity and Hyaluronate – spheres that hold 1000 times its’ weight in water which plumps skin, decreasing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This formula is jam-packed with the good stuff that helps hydrate your thirsty skin and make you look younger!

In a clinical study, subjects reported it increased moisture 22% in 10 minutes!

Directions: Apply day or night, alone or before makeup or creams. Massage into lines and wrinkles. Gentle enough to be used on any age prone area for a firmer, younger looking appearance.


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