OnGuard® Immune Defense

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60 dietary supplements (30 day supply)
MDR OnGuard Immune Defense - 310678-60


Put Your Immune System OnGuard®!
OnGuard® is especially important to people constantly exposed to crowds in planes, trains, schools, theaters, offices, etc. MDR OnGuard combines special extracts of Maitake and Shiitake mushrooms, a Chinese fruit called Lo Han, Lotus Seed and Colostrum all combined to support optimal health. Taken on a daily basis the formula can help support healthy immune function and general health and well-being. It's the step beyond multi-vitamins that can keep you in the best of health.

MycoFusion: Providing A Proven Powerhouse of Immune Factors!
Japanese researcher, Dr. Nanba, discovered that a very special extract of Maitake mushrooms provided extraordinary immune-enhancing benefits. Following this discovery, Dr. Nanba created and patented an improved form of his extract and called it MaitakeGold 404, which was found by the University of Louisville to be immune active. This extract was later combined with an organic Shiitake extract, to form OnGuard's key ingredient, MycoFusion™.


Maitake was shown in tests to significantly trigger immune cell activity and phagocytosis, the process whereby harmful pathogens are surrounded and killed. In addition to MycoFusion™, OnGuard also contains other extremely powerful sources of immune support factors praised by several prestigious medical journals.

Fortified with Colostrum. Rich in Antibodies!
Colostrum is the first milk produced by cows to transfer their protective antibodies and immune defenses to their newborn calves. This dairy compound, is rich in numerous antibodies and other immune-support factors. In fact, it is such a potent natural food that Colostrum has been cited in several peer-reviewed medical journals for its effectiveness in supporting immune response for maintaining good health.

Is MDR’s Colostrum Safe?
The Colostrum used in MDR OnGuard® is certified as Grade A pasteurized and collected solely from US dairies that insure the Colostrum is free of:

• Artificial Hormones 
• Antibiotics
• Pesticide
• GMO 
• BSE 

Melon Extract to Help You Feel Your Best!
To further improve OnGuard's effectiveness, the Doctors added Lo Han Kuo, a fruit in the melon family grown in China. The Encyclopedia of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Jiangsu New Medical College, 1977) recommends the dried fruit be eaten. Millions of Lo Han fruits are consumed in China each year as part of a traditional remedy which verifies the safety of this amazing fruit. It is also interesting to note that in China, Lo Han Kuo is considered to be a longevity fruit with folklore saying people who eat this fruit often live to be 100 years of age!

Take OnGuard® - and put your immune system ONGUARD!
The biggest advantage of OnGuard is that, unlike Echinacea (a ragweed), it can be taken everyday, for long periods of time - before, during, and after exposure to germs. Supporting your immune system every day with a healthy diet, rest, frequent washing of your hands, and OnGuard is the key to staying healthy. With a 100% money back guarantee you can't afford not to take advantage of this important protective health formula. Try it, and see for yourself how great it is to enjoy robust good health.


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    Stay healthy

    Posted by Gloria, Weston, Fl

    I've been taking the On Guard twice a day for the last 6 months and while everyone around me is suffering with flu, I AM NOT! So happy!