Advanced Series

 advancedseries-pic1.jpgThe Future of Science in Skin Care
The Clientele Advanced Series is a revolutionary new skin care technology designed to alter the chain reactions that weaken biosignals and result in visible signs of aging. Advanced skin care technology literally turns back the clock with energizing complexes that supercharge skin for a more refreshed and youthful appearance. You can regenerate, strengthen and reinforce the natural defense system of your skin. 

Exclusive Patented Technology
All the products are formulated with Lotus ATP Complex which contains Clientele’s patented age-defying Sacred Lotus Seed/Flower Extract combined with BioEnergy Factors, MMP Inhibitors, Powerful Antioxidants, and newly discovered SIRT Youth Factors and cell longevity enhancers. The Advanced Series is designed to help optimize the skin’s appearance and protect the skin from dehydration, oxidation and glycation. The products soothe sensitive skin and make the skin more resistant to age-related environmental insults. 

Demonstrated Effectiveness
Clinical tests demonstrated that Clientele’s exclusive combination of ingredients fights the signs of aging, improves radiance, tone, firmness and elasticity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and improves skin texture! Now you can empower your skin to look more radiant and be visibly younger-looking, longer, with the Clientele Advanced Series.