Elastology: For All Skin Types


 The Science of Improving Elasticity®
Of all the skin’s changes brought about by age, few are as dramatic as the loss of elasticity. The skin stretches less and recovers more slowly.

How Good is your Skin’s Elasticity?
Take this test to find out. Pull up the skin on the back of your hand. Let go. Watch how long it takes to regain its shape. The faster it recovers, the more elasticity your skin has. As you age, you have to work harder to prevent your skin from losing its youthful resiliency. Over time, our skin becomes more delicate, thinner, and more easily damaged. Degenerative changes can begin in the 30’s, so it is important to begin caring for your skin early!

Super Firming Complex
Clientele’s unique Super Firming Complex helps you nourish and firm your skin with natural elements found in young skin that can improve the look of your complexion. It is designed for all ages, all skin types... for women and men.

You can’t stop the aging process, but with Elastology® you can “put the brakes on Mother Nature!” From the hottest sunny climates, to the coldest snowy days, Elastology can help you maintain firm, youthful, beautiful skin!