Estro-Lift: For Women Over 40


The Science of Revitalizing Beauty®
The Estro-Lift line is specifically developed for women over 40. Each formula contains our exclusive ingredient, Sacred Lotus Seed Extract, combined with over 20 natural skin beautifiers... Vitamins, Antioxidants, powerful natural Phytoestrogens from Soy and Estrokin® – a newly discovered plant extract from Asia, plus firming Botanicals, and nanospheres infused with Youthifying Factors.

The Unstoppable Passage of Time
Dermatologists know that certain changes occur as we age. Hormone levels decrease. The skin thins. Cellular renewal rate slows. Skin becomes fragile and produces less oil. Wrinkles appear. Every second your body is being depleted of moisture and nutrients vital for the skin. As we lose the vital compounds of youth, the skin craves what it is missing. That’s why the Estro-Lift® formulas are so important.

Fight Back!
Use Estro-Lift as often as you need to get the results you desire. The older you are, the more you will appreciate the benefits of what Estro-Lift can do to beautify the look of your complexion. Your skin will respond with amazing results. Enjoy the compliments on how beautiful you look.