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Thank you for being our new customer! You will love the Lotus Firming Serum! We have your order, and you are good to go, but here are a few more great ways to youthify your skin.

Soon you will be experiencing the miraculous rejuvenating power of the Sacred Lotus Seed….but there is one telltale area that always gives away the signs of aging….

Dark circles under your eyes? Does it make you look older and tired?

Well we have more great news...Clientele Labs has created a 30-second Age Eraser.

Yes, in just 30 seconds you can erase signs of aging under your eyes. Say goodbye to crow’s feet & fine lines and wrinkles and make dark circles disappear!

The Clientele 30-Second Age Eraser is a Customer Favorite because it provides instant results and who doesn’t want to see results right away?!

Today at a great savings, you can receive:

Clientele Wrinkle Treatment - Gently dab this rich, revitalizing anti-wrinkle cream on your dry age-prone under eye area AM and PM for visible results:
  • Softens the appearance of lines and wrinkles in 30 seconds!
  • APT Algae extract helps boost elasticity, decreases the look of wrinkles and makes skin firmer and younger.¹
  • Vitamins A, C, Panthenol, and Vitamin E nourish the skin giving it a youthful glow²
  • Powerful Antioxidant Enzyme Superoxide Dismutase increases skin’s defenses against oxidative aging, “turning back the clock on your skin”³

Clientele Peptide Treatment Conceal

Covers dark circles that make your eye area look tired and older.

Disguises signs of aging instantly.

Softens the look of crow's feet with a wrinkle-fighting Peptide.⁴

Protects delicate skin with a creamy easy to glide on formula..

The Age Eraser Duo, a  $79.95 value, is yours today for

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