Vital Factors, 10 Effertabs

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Vital Factors, 10 Effertabs

Are you feeling signs of aging?

  • Lack Energy?
  • Aches & Pains?
  • Weight Gain?
  • Forgetful?
  • Declining Performance? 

 Try Vital Factors and Feel the Difference.

 Aging takes a toll on all of us. We become more susceptible to cell-damaging free radicals, hormonal decline, poor diet, and stress.

Imagine waking up feeling better than you have in years with lots of energy, good health, and a new zest for life. That's exactly the way thousands of men and women feel after taking Vital Factors, a revolutionary anti-aging formula to help fight aging and promote healthy longevity.


Pat Boone Topped the Charts Before Elvis and He Is Still Going Strong. He calls VITAL FACTORS His "Fountain Of Youth"


You will just love Vital Factors, because it goes beyond regular vitamins. It's an advanced, scientific approach to rejuvenating your body on a cellular level. Just Two Effertabs in a glass of water creates a sparkling drink that releases Youth Factors, Antioxidants, Aminopeptides, BioProtectors and Enzymes that signal every cell in the body to repair, renew and rebuild. 


Vital Factors supports: 

  • Energy & Vitality
  • Immunity & Overall Health
  • Cardiovascular Wellness
  • Healthier Skin, Hair & Nails
  • Improved Muscle Tone
  • Memory & Brain Function
  • Healthy Longevity

Vital Factors Rejuvenates Your Body on a Cellular Level with The Finest Ingredients Based on the Latest Anti-Aging Science.


VITAL FACTORS Contains Superoxide Dismutase Enzyme Complex

MelonsKnown as S.O.D, this is the Superman of Antioxidants, protecting our cells from "oxidative aging", the same process that turns iron to rust, and occurs more as we age. 

Our S.O.D. Is Derived From The Age-Defying Melon 
Scientists in France bred a melon that defies normal aging because of its high levels of S.O.D. When they began testing in animals the results were shocking…

race horses

Race horses have lots of aches and pains, but after they were given S.O.D., the horses seemed happier, in a better mood, and able to perform better.

Healthy Muscles
Scientists tested the horses' muscle cells and discovered less inflammation.

Inflammation… The Aging Factor
Inflammation is called the Silent Killer because it is linked to so many maladies that come with aging. As we get older, toxic cell compounds accumulate and inflammation increases.


Have you noticed the signs of inflammation…

* Aching joints
* Sore knees
* Fading memory? 

Inflammation wreaks havoc on your mind and body.

How S.O.D. Can Help You

In a double-blind study of 70 people, people taking S.O.D. noticed dramatic improvements:

* Less aches and pains
* Better concentration
* More stamina

 Men and women reported waking up refreshed with more energy.

 The Finest Resveratrol

With Vital Factors you benefit from the purest source of Resveratrol in the world – Resvida™ Whole Grape Complex. It is responsible for the natural deep color and delicious flavor of the Vital Factors formula. 


Harvard Showed RESVERATROL Reversed Signs Of Aging. 

Wine GlassScientists always suspected red wine had health benefits. Tests showed this miracle molecule helps mice live longer. It increases their energy, endurance, limits weight gain, and protects the heart, joints, skin and neurons of the brain. When mice, who ate an unhealthy high fat diet, were given Resveratrol, they gained less weight, ran like athletes on the treadmill, developed muscles, appeared younger, and lived 20% longer!  

Vital Factors Ignites Your Youthful Vitality!

Vital Factors reenergizes you with Co-Q10 and B-12 vital to memory, cardiovascular health, brain function and protein repair. 

A Healthy Heart Means a Healthy, Long Life!

The walls of our blood vessels stiffen as we age. Vital Factors contains Arginine, shown to be beneficial for blood flow and cardiovascular health.

Vital Factors Buffers with Bicarbonate 

Taking Vital Factors and eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps support your body's alkaline pH, linked to healthy aging.  

As we age we tend to Gain Weight. Have You? 

To keep your youthful shape, you need to eat right and exercise. Vital Factors gives you the vitality to work out again. Plus the S.O.D. complex was shown in an animal study to help prevent obesity and reduce abdominal fat.



Nourish Your Muscles with Vital Factors.

The more muscles you have the more calories your burn, and the easier it is to stay in shape. Vital Factors supplies Aminopeptides that help support muscle synthesis. 


Boost Your Immunity with Fucoidan.

Vital Factors contains a seaweed derived molecule, called Fucoidan that helps strengthen immune defenses so you stay healthy. It is also a natural detoxifier and supports healthy probiotics in your gut. Plus this amazing molecule can help improve the bioactivity of rejuvenating stem cells to keep you youthful and healthy.


Lotus Flower

Age-Defying Seed Lives over 1200 years!


Ancient Egyptians, and Buddhist monks in India and China revered the Lotus Flower as a symbol of longevity. UCLA scientists planted 1288 year-old seeds and and they sprouted!

Scientists found the seeds contain a powerful DNA repair enzyme, vital to staying young.

Vital Factors contains the patented Lotus Seed Extract that can help reawaken your youthful physical and mental energy! 


Try Vital Factors and Enjoy:



  • Greater Vitality
  • Peak Physical Performance
  • Enhanced Brain Function
  • And a Long Healthy, Active, Life!

 Order Now. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!



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    Energy Boost

    Posted by Joey, CA

    I can really feel the difference with my energy level after drinking the fizzies. Thank you for the energy, boost to my immunity and positive outlook! Joey California