Vital Factors Youthifying System

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40 Effertabs, 1 fl oz (cream)
Vital Factors Youthifying System - 110809


Look and feel younger with Vital Factors!

Vital Factors Supports:

  • Energy and vitality
  • Immunity and overall health
  • Cardiovascular wellness
  • Healthier skin, hair and nails
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Memory and brain function
  • Healthy longevity

If you think you have no say in how you age, think again. Vital Factors helps support your body’s own Youth Hormone (HGH), which dwindles with age. HGH is responsible for maintaining the health and youthful functioning of nearly every cell in the body. MDR incorporates this breakthrough discovery into a 2-part “Youthifying” System...

PART ONE: Easy-to-take MDR® Vital Factors Effertabs in water, create a delicious sparkling drink, which provides age-defying nutrients and gentle HGH enhancing amino acids. One serving contains the same amount of Resveratrol equal to 40 glasses of red wine!

PART TWO: Elastology® Vital Factors Cream enhances skin elasticity! 
Vital Factors Cream was designed for 30+ skin, when skin begins to show signs of age and levels of hormones start to decline. The formula contains elasticity enhancing Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids, plus Progesterone, and Wild Yam Extract with its natural Phytoestrogens. 

Re-ignite youthful energy!


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    Posted by Sheryl Helene Wilson

    I have been using Clientele skin care for 38 years and when purchasing movie tickets just recently and asking for senior tickets, the person selling tickets said " You are not a senior". I cannot not sell you at senior price. I smiled and said "I am." Do you want to see my license?" He said yes! He said he couldn't believe it! What a compliment, but I have to tell you, I have heard this many times before!!! I have not deviated from Clientele for 38 years and the results have been outstanding and to make it even sweeter, I discovered a new hidden gem to add to my plan!!! I have always been curious about MDR Vital Factors and decided new year, new me!!! I have just gotten married to a phenomenal man and I want to stay young looking and feeling for him and for me, so that we are able to share special time together, whether intimate personal time or energy to travel to play sports to do business! I wanted to be toned, have a sharp memory, focus! I am not kidding you, literally after my first two tablets in water of Vital Factors, it was like my skin looked several years younger and I asked my Husband, "Do you see anything different about my skin" and he said, "yes, it s smoother'"! So it was not my imagination! This is real and I also feel more alert and sharp! I have only been taking this for 4 days!!! You better believe., I will not have to remember to do this!!! I will be anxiously awaiting my next drink of Vital Factors!!! We all need to realize that beauty is not only from what you do externally, but the developer of Clientele, Dr. Pat Riley, a Doctorate of Food Science and her team of Anti-Aging Doctors, have truly found a way to combine what you do externally with what you do internally to make you the best you possible!!! I feel confident every time I walk out the door!!! I want to highly recommend Vital Factors and Clientele!!! By the way, there is an outstanding Anti-Antioxidant cream filled with a winning combination of peptides, enzymes and nutrients to enhance the results of MDR Vital Factors included, that I am now also using!!! Please do not skip it!!! Another incredible discovery!!! My skin looks impeccable, smooth, firm, alive!!! I have recommended it to so many friends and family, who love me for it! Two sisters are ordering Vital Factors today, because of the call I made to them last night to rave about it!!! Don't miss this opportunity to look and feel younger!!! I can't wait for you all to begin getting these wonderful compliments as well and to feel and look great!!! What a huge Blessing to have found Clientele years ago and now MDR Vital Factors!!! Wow!!! I am a happy camper!!!